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Fine Art

The beautiful materials: glass, marble, ceramic and porcelain, and the permanence they offer have made mosaics a contemporary art form that is found as decorative and functional works in residences, businesses and public art installations. This art form that started out as flooring, walkways and story telling murals on ceilings and walls has been around for centuries and is one of the most long-lived forms of art in existence and has become a major voice in fine art today.

(Private collection)
8" x 8" Unglazed porcelain, vitreous glass, Italian millefiori, Trend-Lux glass

Blue Flower (color variation of detail in ceiling of The Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, Ravenna Italy)
6"x 6" Marble

Child of Rajasthan
12"x 16" Vitreous glass, Trend-lux glass, Murano smalto

19"x 37" Unglazed porcelain, vitreous glass

Psycho Revisited
8" x 11" Italian smalti

Roman Border
9" x 6" Unglazed porcelain

Jewel of the Hancock
(mosaic interpretation of art deco relief panel on The Hancock Bldg, Roanoke VA)
17" x 21" Unglazed porcelain, vitreous glass

Mosaic a la Mondrian
6" x 6" Italian smalto, marble

Taurus Rising
16" diameter Pebble mosaic: Carnelian, river pebbles, pea gravel

View from the Park
15" x 21" Unglazed porcelain

Sidney, the Cockatiel
12" tall: Vitreous glass, Sicis Iridium glass
Included in the Steve Irwin Tribute Mural, Australian Zoo, Brisbane, Australia.

(Georgia residence)
11" x 14" Unglazed porcelain, vitreous glass

Shades of India
16" x 16" Crystal clear, metallic and glitter glass

French Quarter Arches
(Virginia residence)
5"x 8" Vitreous glass, unglazed porcelain

Ceiling Detail (color variation of detail in ceiling of The Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, Ravenna Italy)
16"x 16" Italian smalti, gold smalti

Afternoon Sails
36"x8 Vitreous glass, stained glass, aquarium gravel

Azalea Bonsai
7"x7" Orsoni smalti, sand

Behind The Keyboard Mask
15"x20" Stained glass vitreous glass, Bisazza Opus Romano glass, bugle beads, glass nugget

Cat in Window
10"x15" Unglazed porcelain, vitreous glass, stained glass, millefiori

Desert Ladies
18.5"x28" Vitreous glass, Sicis glass, Trend Lux glass, stained glass, marble, Colorfusion Crystal glitter glass, recycled glass

Garden Pals
20"x15" Vitreous glass, Sicis glass, millefiori, vintage flowers, sea spines, Sicis glass, puzzle glass

Ice Flow
4"x4" Orsoni smalti

In the Looking Glass
18"x30" Crystal Colorfusion glass, vitreous glass, Van Gogh glass, Sicis glass, glass rods

Lava Flow
(Virginia residence)
7"x7" Orsoni smalti, millefiori, red mirror

Mardi Gras Rhythms
10"x13" Unglazed porcelain, vitreous glass, glazed ceramic, Sicis glass, beads, glass nuggets

Octavian Clears Again
(Virginia residence)
12"x15" Vitreous glass, stained glass, millefiori

Ode to an Illana Palm Basket
17"x17" Bisazza Opus Romano glass

(Virginia residence)
4"x4" Vitreous glass, millefiori

Redbud Tree near the Peaks
(Private collection)
7"x7" Vitreous glass, stained glass, beads

Rock Candy Lollipops on a Liquorice Sky
(California residence)
7"x7" Vitreous glass, tempered glass, millefiori, Carrolton tiles

Sharp Top through the Cattails at Abbott Lake
20"x14" Vitreous glass, stained glass, metallic glass, polymer clay

The Blue Door
(Virginia residence)
6"x10" Unglazed porcelain, stained glass, millefiori, doll house door knob, chain

Unearthing the White Rabbit
(Virginia residence)
10.5"x10.5" Vitreous glass, millefiori, Sicis glass, watch

7"x7" Sicis glass

(Private collection)
10"x6" Glazed ceramic, vitreous glass, Crystal glass with foil effects

Remnant Series: Autumn Tapestry
13"x10"" on 18"x15" Orsoni and Perdomo smalti

Remnant Series: Gold Weave
7"x7" on 12"x12" Orsoni gold smalti

Remnant Series: Reversible Blue
13"x17" on 19"x23" Orsoni smalti

Remnant Series: Springtime Green
11"x15" on 16"x20" Orsoni and Perdomo smalti, marble, beads

Remnant Series: Winter White
(Mississippi residence)
12"x12" on 15.5"x15.5" Orsoni smalti, marble

Remnant Series: Yellow Ribbons
39"x15" on 41"x18" Orsoni smalti

Dogwood Trio
Each is 7"x7" framed seperately in 8"x8" frames, Sicis glass, millefiori

Black & Red FANtasy
Black & red Colorfusion Crystal glass, silver metallic glass, glass beads

Hummm...WHOOOO is That?
Vitreous glass, Trend Lux glass, Millefiori, glass beads, glass beads

Jewel of the Hancock II
(mosiac interpretation of art small deco relief panel on The Hancock Bldg, Roanoke VA)
Unglazed porcelain, vitreous glass

Oriental Garden
Vitreous glass, stained glass, millefiori, Orsoni smalti

Winter Walk
Vitreous glass, iridescent glass, Van Gogh glass, stained glass, Colorfusion Crystal glass

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